By Benny Morris

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This background of the foundational warfare within the Arab-Israeli clash is groundbreaking, target, and deeply revisionist. A riveting account of the army engagements, it additionally makes a speciality of the war's political dimensions. Benny Morris probes the factors and goals of the protagonists at the foundation of newly opened Israeli and Western documentation. The Arab side—where the files are nonetheless closed—is illuminated with assistance from intelligence and diplomatic materials. Morris stresses the jihadi personality of the two-stage Arab attack at the Jewish group in Palestine. all through, he examines the dialectic among the war's army and political advancements and highlights the army impetus within the construction of the refugee challenge, which was once a spinoff of the disintegration of Palestinian Arab society. The booklet completely investigates the function of the nice Powers—Britain, the us, and the Soviet Union—in shaping the clash and its tentative termination in 1949. Morris appears to be like either at excessive politics and normal employees decision-making techniques and on the nitty-gritty of wrestle within the successive battles that resulted within the emergence of the country of Israel and the humiliation of the Arab global, an embarrassment that underlies the ongoing Arab antagonism towards Israel. 

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The Peel Commission partition proposal, July 1937 The UNSCOP majority partition proposal, i September 1947 The UN General Assembly partition plan, 29 November 1947 Operation Nahshon, April 1948 The Battle of Mishmar Ha'emek, April 1948 The Battle for Haifa, 21-22 April 1948 Operation Hametz and the Battle for Jaffa, April 1948 Operation Yiftah, Galilee Panhandle and Safad, April-May 1948 Operation Ben-Ami, Western Galilee, 13-22 May 1948 The Pan-Arab Invasion of Palestine/Israel, May-June 1948 Operation Kilshon and the Jordanian attack of Jerusalem, 13 -28 May 1948 The First Battle of Latrun (Bin-Nun aleph), Central Front, 25 May 1948 The Second Battle of Latrun (Bin-Nun bet), Central Front, 30-31 May 1948 zz6 The Third Battle of Latrun, 8 - io June 1948 The Battle ofIsdud, Operation Pleshet, 1-3 June 1948 The Battle of Gesher, Jordan Valley, 15 -22 May 1948 The Battle of Jenin, 1-3 June 1948 The Syrian Invasion and its rebuff, 15 -20 May 1948 Operation Dekel, Galilee, July 1948 Operation Brosh, attacking the Syrian bridgehead at Mishmar Hayarden, 9-12 July 1948 Operation Dani, Lydda and Ramla, July 1948 Israeli-held areas at the end of the Ten Days, 19 July 1948 Operation Yoav and its aftermath, northern Negev, Majdal, 15 October-1o November 1948 Operation Hiram, Northern Front, 27-31 October 1948 Operation Horev, Rafah and Sinai, 22 December 1948 -7 January 1949 Israel-Egypt general armistice agreement lines, 24 February 1949 Israel-Lebanon general armistice agreement lines, 30 March 1949 Operation `Uvda, Negev, 6-1o March 1949 The Israel-Jordan general armistice agreement lines, 3 April 194-9 Israel-Syria general armistice agreement lines, 20 July 1949 The War of 1948 was the almost inevitable result of more than half a century of Arab-Jewish friction and conflict that began with the arrival in Eretz Yisrael (the Land of Israel), or Palestine, of the first Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe in the early 188os.

Alfred Dreyfus was an (assimilated) Jewish army captain on the French General Staff when he was wrongly convicted of spying for Germany and sent to Devil's Island. A number of French intellectuals protested and were shouted down as unpatriotic. " Herzl was shocked-and quickly persuaded that popular anti-Semitism was not restricted to the backward czarist empire but was the patrimony of the entire Gentile world, including its refined French core, the heartland of liberalism, socialism, and democracy.

The Palestinian street was overjoyed. But al-Husseini-as was the Palestinians' wont-managed to pluck defeat from the jaws of victory. Instead of welcoming the British move, which Winston Churchill denounced as a cowardly "surrender to Arab violence," al-Hussein and his colleagues rejected the white paper. They flatly demanded frill cessation of Jewish immigration, immediate British withdrawal, and immediate independence. In the brief months before world war broke out, nothing changed. The Arab Revolt thus ended in unmitigated defeat for the Palestinians.

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