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3. Quarterbacks have to be smart thinkers. It also helps to be a fast runner, but this is not necessary, considering most of the game you will be getting the ball to others to handle. 4. Quarterbacks are the leaders on the field. They need to control the game. There is no room for error in a football game so quarterbacks need to keep their heads up. 5. They also need a strong, accurate arm and they need to be able to see the whole field. 6. Quarterbacks have to be able to run with the ball, throw the ball.

4. First, you should go to a neighbor and help them out. Next, you should give them advice what is healthy or not. After, you should help a neighbor exercise. Then, you can train a neighbor older than you what is accurate and what is not. Tips • • • • You shouldn't go rigid on the people you are training You should also make a fund for a hospital for all the people who need help. You should never ever tell them it is hopeless, because when you say that word it will turn out hopeless Lastly, tell how better they are doing the exercise every day, don't turn them down.

Tips • Some people use a beaded necklace, one end attached to the wall and the other end held up to their nose. They slowly focus on each bead from the wall to the nose and back again. Team Sports Bossaball Bossaball is a mix of volleyball, football, gymnastics and capoeira. The court is a combination of inflatables and trampolines, divided by a net. bossaball game bossaball hang time : right before a smash Music and Sports / Samba Referees Bossaball mixes sport with music. Bossaball referees have a whistle, a microphone, various percussion instruments and a disc jockeyset.

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