By M. Abercrombie; C. J. Hickman; M. L. Johnson

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All vertebrates, arthropods, and worm-shaped animals. g. snapdragon, is often called zygomorphy. See Radial Symmetry. bile. Secretion of liver of vertebrates, passed through bile-duct to duodenum. Important in digestion of fats, which, through action of are broken into minute droplets (emulsified). Contains pigments which are waste-products of haemoglobin destruction. bile duct. Duct from liver to duodenum of vertebrates. Conveys bile. See Gall- Bladder. bile salts. Sodium salts of taurocholic and glycocholic acids (bile acids, see Steroids), secreted in bile.

Chemotaxis. g. movement of polymorph leucocytes towards bacteria. chemotrophic. Of organisms, recently internationally defined as obtaining energy by chemical reactions independent of light. The reactions may be based on inorganic or organic substances obtained from the environment. Cf. Autotrophic, Heterotrophic, Phototrophic. chemotropism. ). g. downward growth of pollen tubes into stigma due to presence of sugars. ). ). chiasma (pl. chiasm at a). ) See Meiosis. Fig. 6b, page 147. chilopoda.

A protein containing iron; closely related to haemoglobin. chlorophyll. ) ; CHLOROPHYCEAE 50 Bacteria. Localized within cells in bodies known as chloroplasts, except in blue-green algae (Cyanophyceae) where it is distributed throughout cytoplasm. Consists of a mixture of two pigments, chlorophyll a (formula C 55 72 5 4 Mg), and chlorophyll b (formula C 55 6 4 Mg), chemically related to prosthetic 70 groups of haemoglobin and cytochrome. ) from carbon dioxide and water, absorbing energy from sunlight, in the process known as H H N N photosynthesis.

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