By Gail Gaymer Martin

ISBN-10: 1459212789

ISBN-13: 9781459212787

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She prayed that Cooper’s struggle with leukemia would take the same turn as Lucy’s. The succulent aroma of roast pork drifted into the room. But as delicious the scent was, Kelsey’s stomach knotted. The idea of meeting Ross Salburg, Ethan’s best man, had set her on edge, and nothing seemed to knock it out of her mind. If he recognized her name or who she was, she would be uncomfortable. Maybe she hadn’t tried hard enough to get Ross into the Mothers of Special Kids organization. She’d tried to explain that the group was only for mothers, but he didn’t care.

Yet it would mean spending more time with Ross. She lifted her gaze to his hopeful eyes. ” His face lit up. “Here’s an idea. ” His eager expression wrapped around her heart. He grinned. ” His grin faded. ” Her brain and heart faced each other, her brain siding with Lexie’s concern while her heart offered hope. An interesting new friend for her, and maybe a new friend for Peyton. A new path for both of them. But a path with no decisive ending, only speculation. Get involved or not? ” Two paths. One decision.

How did he cope with it all and with such patience? She’d gone through many things with Lucy’s brain tumors but, praise God, they were benign and since the last surgery, they’d seemed to lick it. “It’s too much for a child. ” “Lucy’s almost eleven. ” She grinned. ” They both grew silent. Ross’s hand rested near hers, and she longed to reach out and hold it against her heart. The man had gone through too much without a partner, and though she wanted to know about that, too, she held back. One step at a time.

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