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Key atom. atomicité, /. atomicity. atomique, a. atomic. atomiquement, adv. atomically. atomisateur, m. atomizer. t. atomize. atomiseur, m. atomizer. atomisme, m. atomism. atomiste, m. atoinist. atomistique, a. atomistic(al). /. atomistics. a-t-on. See -t-, atoxique, a. atoxic, nonpoisonous. atrabilaire, a. ) atrabiliary. âtre, m. hearth. -âtre, -ish ; as, rougeâtre, reddiah, verdâtre, greenish, etc. atroce, a. atrocious. atrolactique 34 atrolactlque, atrolactlnique, a. atrolactic. atromarginé, a.

M. attaché; adhèrent. attache-feuilles, m. paper clip, letter clip. attachement, m. attachment. t. attach; fasten (in any way), bind, tie, pin, stick, etc. ; interest, please. r. attach oneself, be attached, cling, stick. attaquabilité, /. attackability. attaquable, a. attackable, Viable to attack. peu —, refractory. attaque, /. ) excitation. ) gas attack. ) gas- wave attack, cloud-gas attack. t. ) excite, energize. t. delay. pr. (of atteindre) attaining, etc. t. attain; reach; strike, hit; attack, injure; overtake; equal, coine up to.

Têgulaire, roofing slate. a. slate-colored; slated. t. render slate-colored; slate. ardoiseux, ardoisier, a. of or like slate, slaty. ardoisière, /. slate quarry. ardoisin, a. resembling slate. ardu, a. arduous, steep, difficult. arduité, /. arduousness. are, m. 6 square yards). arec, aréca, m. ) areca. aréfaction, /. drying, desiccation. arénacé, o. arenaoeous, sandy. arénation, /. ) arenation. arène, /. ) amphitheater. i. et r. sink, sag. aréneux, o. sandy, arenose. aréodensimètre, m. areodensimeter (a kind of hydrometer).

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