By John P. McKay, Bennett D. Hill, John Buckler

ISBN-10: 0395433428

ISBN-13: 9780395433423

College-level textbook at the heritage of Western society to the Enlightenment (Volume 1 of two)

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They tion, large large also prove that towns grew in size, popula and wealth, for these fortifications were so that they could have been raised only by a labor force. They indicate, moreover, that towns were developing social and political organi zation. The fortifications, the work of the whole community, would have been impossible without central planning. One of the major effects of the advent of agricul ture and settled life was a dramatic increase in pop ulation. No census figures exist for this period, but the number and size of die towns prove that Neo lithic society was expanding.

Hammurabi's punishment for burglary matched the crime. A burglar caught in the act was put to death on the spot, and his body was walled into the breach the burglar had made. The penalty for looting was also grim: anyone caught looting a burning house was thrown into the fire. Mesopotamian cities had breeding places of crime. Taverns were notorious haunts of criminals, who often met there to make their plans.

Several long ice ages—periods when huge fants. Part of women's work, coo, was tending the glaciers covered vast parts of Europe—subjected fire, which served for warmth, cooking, and protec the small bands of Paleolithic hunters to extreme tion against wild animals. hardship. , Paleolithic peoples were intellectual. The develop some hunters and gatherers began to rely chiefly on ment of the human brain made abstract concepts possible. Unlike animals, whose lives are condi agriculture for their sustenance.

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A History of Western Society: From Antiquity to the Enlightenment by John P. McKay, Bennett D. Hill, John Buckler

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