By Ruediger Stein

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This research of natural carbon accumulation in marine environments starts with a assessment of mechanisms controlling natural carbon deposition, targeting effects from expeditions into Baffin Bay and the Labrador Sea, in addition to the ocean of Japan and the northwest coast of Africa. significant items of the learn have been the reconstruction of adjustments in palaeoceanic variables and the historical past of palaeoclimates in several environments. The participants additionally constructed extra basic types for natural carbon accumulation and in comparison organic-carbon features derived from assorted analytical thoughts to be able to succeed in the best-fitting interpretation version.

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Boyle, 1986; Schmitz, 1987; Bishop, 1988; Lea and Boyle, 1990). Barium, for example, is distinctly enriched in sediments deposited underneath high-productivity zones. , 1989). , 1990), however, barium as paleoproductivity indicator should be used with caution in areas of varying water depths and in reducing environments. , 1989). This means, the sediment data of a specific variable canl~ot be taken as a direct measure of its production rate in the surface water. Thus, further information about environmental conditions such as, for example, degree of dissolution, oxygen content in the water body or extent of bioturbation, is necessary (see above).

2 ~ ' ~ ~. ~ : Fig. 28: (A) Distribution of sea ice in Baffin Bay during winter (after Osterman, 1980). (1) continuous ice cover; (2) consolidated pack ice; (3) unconsolidated pack ice; (4) semi-permanent open water; and (5) open water with icebergs. (B) Major iceberg concentration during summer. , 1975). (from Mudie and Short, 1985). 42 i GREENLAND 65"N 60* d 55* CANADA 5o. ~t ....... ~. ; ~o~~_ ~' Grand Banks ~,~Cap ~df~Y~] P ~. 60*W 50* 40* ,---/o 30* Fig. 29: Deep-water circulation in the Labrador Sea with location of Sites 646 and 647.

3 %; Fig. 37). 50 CARBONATE TOTAL ORGANIC 0 CARBON (%) (%) 20 40 . . ............. )00 "o ru " 0 0 m Z m -4 Z 4 / P ~ --, -- 600 rl'l m ~ ~ 100 0 L. ooJ; --I -r 300 300 w O o m z m 1000-~ 1200 • • Fig. 33: Carbonate and total organic carbon contents at Site 645. 0 40 I i Corg 0 ! 4 l , i --? -;"-'. : 6;;1 4' 4 Fig. 34: Carbonate and total organic carbon contents of the upper 4 m of Site 645B. 1/2 = assumed oxygen isotope stage boundary. 60 0 50 o 0 o Oo 13 0 °~ 0 40 °e 30 < O 20 PLEISTOCENE PUOCENE • MIOCENE 0 0 W Z o m n- o a O0 0 cO o 0 0 0 rt aoo 0 0 0 D 0 a 10 ¢~13rj C ~ D 0 0 °eo [] c a 0 ~DOD ° ~ - ~ ' " oOm_ • 0 I 0 ~ __0 D ° ~ o t n t d m o e t o o o - - - T 1 TOTAL ORGANIC • • .

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