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In this kind of standard the analyte is molecular formula of the starting reagent regardless if is dissociate in solvent or not. Examples of stock standard solutions: Stock Standard Type Example Solution Ion 1000 ppm Sulfate (SO42-) Element 1000 ppm Iron (Fe) Formula 1000 ppb Naphthalene. Following are some examples of formula standards. 15 Naphthalene (C10H8) is one of aromatic hydrocarbons measured by GC-MS. 5 % w/w)? 5 mg of pure naphthalene. 15 Kerosene Range Organic (KRO) tested in all environmental and petroleum laboratories.

Adding a sample to the balance pan tilts the beam away from its balance point. Selected standard weights are then removed until the beam is brought back into balance. The combined mass of the removed weights equals the sample’s mass. The capacities and measurement limits of these balances are comparable to an electronic balance. (a) (b) Figure 3-1: (a) Photo of a typical electronic balance. (b) Schematic diagram of electronic balance; adding a sample moves the balance pan down, allowing more light to reach the detector.

05 M solution? What kind of flask is used to prepare this solution? 050 0 m boric acid, B(OH)3. 80 M NaOCl? 10 M NaOH? 0 M. a. 00 M H2SO4? b. 0 wt % H2SO4. 1 Introduction In chapter one all kinds of concentration units have been explained with many examples, we have tried through many exercises which should help you enough to understand the basics of solution preparation. In this chapter we will go through different kinds of standard solutions and we will consider many examples as in chapter one.

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