By R. Hekinian

ISBN-10: 0080870716

ISBN-13: 9780080870717

ISBN-10: 0444419675

ISBN-13: 9780444419675

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The increase in ferrosilite content is most prominent in the groundmass clinopyroxene. , 1979) t o differentiate between alkali basalts and tholeiites. The elements which are the most sensitive to variation are Cr, Ti, Na and Al. Cr, Ti and A1 enter into the 6-coordinate site of the pyroxene crystalline structure while Si and A1 are found in the 4-coordinate site. 2atom/formula unit) while alkali basalts from other w TABLE 1-11 00 Electron microprobe analyses of clinopyroxene from Mid-Oceanic Ridge basalts East Pacific Rise Total Mid-Atlantic Ridge - Mid-Indian Oceanic Ridge Leg 9 82-7-1/60 (ave.

This ternary diagram is part of the more complex diopside-forsterite-nepheline-quartz diagram of the iron-free basalt system of Yoder and Tilley (1962). The plagioclase-olivine-pyroxene system corresponds theoretically t o the critical plane of silica undersaturation. The ternary plagioclase-olivine-pyroxene diagram is used t o show both the modal and normative composition and the order of mineral crystallization. The relationship between the early-formed mineral phases and the bulk rocks with more than 50% of identifiable crystalline material was used t o construct the plots of Fig.

Of 2) Leg 5 4 429A-3-1/130 (ave. of 3 ) CYP78-10-16 CH4-DR-9T (av?. of 3 ) (ave. of 3 ) 521-1 (ave. of 3 ) V25-DR01-91 (ave. of 2 ) Leg 2 6 251 (ave. 04 0 . d. d. 52'W (3707 m);E21-16 is from 54"10'S, 119'49'W (2981 m). Thelocation of Leg 54 samples are shown in Fig. 2-32 and Table 2-7. CYP78-10-16 is from 20"50'N, 109"OO'W ( ~ 2 6 5 0 m )CH4samplesare . 7'W (1875 m ) ; 521-1 is from 36"48'N, 33'16"; V25-DR01 is from 25"24'N, 45"18'W (3367 m ) ; Leg 26, Site 251 samples are from 36"30'S, 49"29'E (3489 m) (Kempe, 1974).

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